Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Fire in My Furnace Burns Bright....

Yep. That's how I feel about P90X. It has lit a fire under me, in me, that no other workout, or exercise program ever has. I'm a bit of a competitive person. I never used to be. But life has thrown me some curve balls, and I've had to become tough. Word to the wise...don't ever tell me I can't do something! ;o)
So, when I first saw P90X, I can't remember if it was a commercial on TV, or online, at any rate, I was captivated. I looked at it, I saw the super cut Tony, and I thought..."wow! I want to do that!" This concept "muscle confusion" seemed like it made sense. I saw this commercial last spring...and it wasn't the right time for me... yet....but I filed it under 'one day'. I hadn't made any of my breakthroughs yet, I was dealing with some female health issues, and frankly, I didn't think I could be able to do it. I had female surgery, and ended up inflamed from head to toe. In hind sight, I think that was a blessing, because if I hadn't been sooooo desperate for pain relief, I might not have totally cleaned up my eating. I HAD to do something. SO, I went refined-sugar-free/gluten-free to lessen the inflammation. The summer went by with me learning my new habit, making it a streak, working through the incredible pain of an inflamed tendon in my right foot....and then, my friend on WLW (Pitbull) told me she was starting P90X! Well, I was a bit envious. LOL. And then I mulled it over, and I decided that since I was making huge headway, my body was relatively pain free-(except the foot), my mind was in that place...that place where I could wholeheartedly say "bring it!"...I talked to my husband about it, and we went out and bought it. I started a week behind my friend. It is THE BEST thing I could do for myself. It totally pushes you...and I LOVE to be pushed. It helps that I push myself hard...sometimes too hard. My husband joked that "Jillian (biggest loser) would be bored with you. You push yourself hard, she wouldn't need to push you!" It might sound funny, but that was one of the nicest things I've heard. It totally validated me, even tho I don't need it, it still felt great. The thing is....I think a lot of women THINK they can't do it...that they're not strong enough. I have to just say...YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! Seriously, ladies. Think about it. We give birth to babies. We can push out almost 10 pound babies (my third daughter) and survive. The pain goes away. We are STRONG. We can power through. So, I challenge each of you ladies out there.....BRING IT! Push yourself. Dig down into your power stores and do this for you! If you don't want to do P90X, that's fine. But, you can bring the same principles to your other workouts, your eating, your life. You CAN take the control back. You CAN change your future. You CAN get a healthy, fit body no matter what stage you are in, in life. You just have to want to do it bad enough. P90X WILL help you with that and more. P90X is NOT just for men!! Ladies...YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

I wish all my lady friends much success on their health/fitness journey (okay, you too fellas!). Let's rock this thing. Let's Do this. Whatever workout program/eating regimen you're on....Bring it!

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rochelle said...

Love it, Lisa. I've seen the infomercials, too, and it does look great. I wonder if they have any videos at the library? Hmmm. I'm so excited for your continued success. And especially to have your husband validate your feelings as well. That's great.