Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Switch Up

So with some consideration, and the sheer lack of P90X motivation right now, I've decided to forgo round 2, the round that I keep falling of the P90X wagon with, and wait until the fall, when I've lost quite a bit more weight. I think I will adopt some of the workouts, but I won't be doing the every day thing. I'll keep some strength training workouts, the kenpo and the X stretch. I MIGHT even keep part of the Yoga. MIGHT!
I have to find a better balance with it all. I have outside work to do, and lets face it, that's a workout in itself. I have to move piles of top soil, which will require digging, moving it with a wheel barrow and emptying. I also have my rock garden to make, which means moving heavy rocks, and finding more. And I want to split my wood now that I know the bowl turning project is on hold. AND I still have hard wood floors.
I will hold off on the jogging for a little while. Maybe next month get back into it to prepare for my 10K in August.
It's balance.
I just have to remember one thing. I NEED those endorphins. Trouble is sometimes unless you have a set schedule to get them, you end up not feeling like it. And not feeling like it is what got me in this predicament in the first place. So, school is ending this month. Kids have swimming lessons. I have to figure out a good routine for working out, AND for balancing all the projects I want to accomplish. This will take some brain power. Its challenging, but I'm looking forward to it.


Pitbull said...

Oh sweety...I'm so happy and proud for you! I'm doing the same thing...slow and steady! I'm really trying to keep my eating in check...and MAJOR cut down on the alcohol consumption...and walking 3 days a week minimum with Eugene! If there's time for more, and I feel like more, I'll do it...but if not...I'll likely drop one pound a week this way...or one every other week! I'm not in any race..although I would LOVE to look great for Vegas in the end of July...but that's only 2 months away! I will be happy with getting back down to 160...where I was before I sabbotaged myself again! I'm sooooo with you sweety! Call me this weekend when you get back from your fun times with Pammy and Kevin...SO JEALOUS BTW!!!

Spitfire said...

Well...we'll just have to do it another time, right?!

You know, I'm tired these days. The idea of waking up early to exercise is out because my sleeping schedule is waaay off. And since I got these moles frozen and they blistered and healed, I went and got 3 that have just been raw redone, and 2 more other ones frozen. That leaves me with little burns in various places. Not too fun for working out. No, that's no excuse. Been stressed lately. Been really stressed. That is taking a tole on me phyically too. That's why I went back on gluten-free/sugar-free. My body was hurting too much again. I feel totally better. I had gained about 12 pounds back, and since I went back on this a week ago, I lost all of that, except 1 pound. I'm totally committed to doing what it takes now. It's a good distraction. And I need it. The tummy tuck has been put on hold because the doctor didn't give me a good feeling so I talked to MY doctor (who is the Chief of STaff) and he told me not to do the surgery with that doctor then. Now he's going to find me one that we're both comfortable with, and one that the pre-op care is good too. That's about it. Back on the wagon, and going for it. I'm hoping that I can lose between 25-30 more pounds before the tummy tuck. :o)

Proud of u too. Especially happy that you're putting the alcohol consumption in its place. That in itself should help you lose weight. You can do this, Jacqui. Find the balance for u and it will happen. No doubt about it. I think that's the key, as well as using all of the tools at our disposal.