Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Bathing Suit....

Well, I didn't plan on it, but I ended up trying on a couple bathing suits last night and I bought one. I might add, I look F.I.N.E...haha. Okay, mabye a bit exaggerated. But I was pleased. I txted Pammy and told her because we're going away with them this weekend and the hotel has a pool. Initially I said, 'uh, I don't think I'll be going in any pool'...but then I thought 'what the hell?!' I worked hard to lose 73 pounds, 60 since last summer. Thats a HUGE difference. I was actually kinda pleased with how it looks, for me, for now. Obviously NEXT summer will be the time I do my little happy dance. But for now, I'm feeling better about my body than I did a year ago, so why not?! Sorry folks, no pics...I'm not THAT brave. Well, maybe a torso shot, the girls look good in it, ah ha ha, but yeah, the legs..uh. no.


Pam90X said...

dude at least you've got girls to flaunt LOL. I got stuck with the big bootie and legs and little itty bitty's LOL. Hey if I'm skinny I won't care if they are small right?

Besides it'll be nice to just hang out and relax...that is if the pool is even open and if we even feel like going in at that time :)

1 more sleep baby!!!

Pitbull said...

OK ladies...soooooo jealous of the two of you getting together!! Be sure to text me a couple times while you are together!! xoxox
GREAT NEWS LISA!!! You cougar you!