Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Changed my mind...

So I've been thinking. I really actually liked doing P90X every day. For some reason it kept me on the 'straight and narrow', kept me feeling like I was a rock star, and frankly those endorphins were the bomb. So, I'm switching it up,....yet again. I have decided that starting NEXT week, I'm going to DO another round of P90X AND use it in conjuction with the gym. So on days that I do chest and back, I'll stay home. On days that I do Plyo, I might go to the gym and just do some leg stuff...give the ole tendonitis a break. I'm thinking that if I go to the gym 2-3 days a week that should be good enough to keep my face there, and frankly, I LOVE the leg press, so opting out of some of the things that might tweak my foot and subbing in other leg exercises..just might be the way to go for me.
I'm in a weird spot these days. I'm in my head a lot. I need to get a job or something. Plus I could really use the money. I've made some goals in my personal journal and as they come to fruition I will share them.

OH YEAH!!! We had such a fun time with Pam and Kevin on Friday night and Saturday morning...Jays vs Yankees...walking around in the rain (Sorry Kevin) dancing our booties off...brunch the next morning,...walking around...It was a lot of fun. Even tho my foot was killing me.

I adore my girls...but every once and a while it's nice to get away.


Pitbull said...

Love it baby! That's the ticket...do what's right for you! So glad you guys had fun together! You needed that! Don't let that voice in your head bring you down! You are amazing...I SAID SO!! xoxoxo

Moi said...

You are a rockstar to do the gym and P90X. You keep all this awesome talk about P90X and I may actaully try it. I have a bunch of ladies at work who have tried it but most have given up after a few days.

Get out of your head. Its a scary place to be sometimes (well mind is, I am guessing other people's are too). You will do fine.

Pam90X said...

Sweetie you can do this no sweat! Well definitely sweat but no problem :)

Don't take life too serious you'll never get out alive. Just concentrate on the task at hand and let things happen as they come about. If you think about things too much you'll be consumed by it. Concentrate on the "new" you and things will fall into place!

So when are you starting the new round?

Spitfire said...

Absolutely. You are all right. MY head IS a scary place sometimes. Wish there was a switch I could just flip and go 'dark' LOL. haha.
anyway, 1 day ata time. Do the work, put in the time, keep progressing. THat's my plan. :o)
Thanks ladies xo