Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wk 4, Day 2, P90X Core Synergistics

Well, I'm not sure why I was so nervous about this...I LOVED IT! It shouldn't surprise me though, I LOVE this P90X program! I did 9 pushups in a row, the REAL kind, the STANDARD kind. I never went super low, but I got lower than I did before. I am getting stronger day by day, and it's a fabulous feeling. I did my best, even if it meant doing some of the exercises the modified way. I'm sweating like a piggy, but I feel fantastic. I like this WAAAAAY better than Yoga X...(which I'm sure I'll start to love in the last month...or the second round of P90X.) This one exercise called Reach High and Under Push-ups...yeah, that one scard me. When I saw what he was doing, I said "oh right! I can't do that!" Then after a few minutes of indecision, I thought "oh, hell" and I gave it a shot, fully not expecting to be able to do it. But the whole point is to attempt it, right? So I did. And I was shocked. I could do it. So I did it again. And I kept doing it right along with them...not as fast, so not as many...but I did it! I broke a mind barrier today.

Note to self...stop being skeptical! Own your strength!


p90xer said...

9 standard push ups!?!? Thats awesome! Seems like you were just struggling to get one, WOW! Goes to show just how much strength you've gained, both body and mind! bravo

Spitfire said...

Thanks Dave. You know, I think most of the problem was my head...and of course, I wasn't as strong physically when I first started. But my mind kind of freaks out a bit, and then the whole "oh, right! I can't do that!" thinking sneaks in there. During Core, I got to the High Reach and Under pushups, and the same "Oh right! I can't do that" thing hit me...then I thought, "what the hell" and I tried it..and I could DO IT. Then I called my hubby in to see..ROFL. I did that whole thing with them...not as fast...but I did it. I was sooo proud. I definitely have passed that mind barrier thing. Now to just remember it!