Monday, October 26, 2009

Month 2, day 1, P90X Chest,Shoulders & Triceps

Well, that was fun. Okay, there are like a gazillion push-ups in about both senses of the word. I did what I could with the push-ups...but then I pulled something in my abdomen doing a standard floor then I had to just go to knees and didn't bother trying standard ones again. I DID really like the Clap push-ups (on knees) tho. Okay, Tony is PSYCHO!! I actually had to rewind for a few seconds to watch him do his 20 PLYO push-ups...he got some air, man! WOW. I'm not sure if I'll try Ab Ripper X tonight or not. I have a residual pull on my right side from Core Synergistics last week, and today did the same thing on the left. Not sure why either, maybe from weakness, maybe from bad form, maybe from already feeling worked out.
Now the weight part...LOVED IT! My favorites have got to be the "Throw The Bomb", and the "Slo-Mo Throws", the "Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions" , "Fly-Row Presses", "Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows"....pretty much all the weight ones...LOL.

Every time there is a new workout, I record it here, so.....

Here's the workout for today:

1)Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-Ups:
3 standard up&down, 2 standard up, then knees down, + 4 knees up& down

2) In & Out Shoulder Flys:
16 @ 5lbs (increase next time)

3) Chair Dips:
8 straight legs

4) Plange Push-Ups:
11 knees

5) Pike Presses: :o)

6) Side Tri-Rises: :0)
15 each side

7) Floor Flys: :o(
2 Standard, then pulled something in abs/ 3 knees

8)Scarecrows: :o)
15 @ 5 lbs (increase next time)

9) Overhead Tricep Extensions: :o)
15 @ 5 lbs (increase next time)

10) Two-Twitch Speed Push-Ups: :0/
2fst, 3 slo, 3 fst, 3 slo, 3 fst, 3 slo

11) Y Presses: :o)
15 @ 8 lbs

12) Lying Tricep Extensions: :o)
12 @ 10 lbs (increase next time)

13) Side to Side Push-Ups: :o/
13 knees

14) Pour Flys: :o)
12 @ 5lbs (increase next time)

15) Side Leaning Tricep Extensions: :o)
12 ea @ 8 lbs

16) One Arm Push-Ups:
12 knees

17) Weighted Circles:
10 x 4 @ 3lbs sounds like too low...but it does burn.

18) Throw The Bomb: :o)
12 ea @ 8 lbs

19) Clap or Plyo Push-Ups: :o)
15 knees

20) Slo-Mo Throws: :o)
? @ 5 busy watching Tony readjust The muscle-bound lawyer...LOL

21) Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions: :o)
17 ea @ 8 lbs

22) One-Arm Balance Push-Ups: :o)
5 standard, arm gave out on 6, LOL

23) Fly-Row Presses: :o/
6 @ 8lbs, 2 @ 5 lbs - have to learn the combo better

24) Dumbbell Cross Body Blows: :oD
45 @ 10 lbs (try to increase next time)

This was a great workout. Some of the weights I used were lower than I could have used, but since it was my first time doing this workout, it gives me lots of room for improvement. I'm upping the weights next soon as I transcribe the sheet to another one....yep, my jelly arms spilled half of my recovery drink all over it...luckily missing the computer keyboard.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


Risa said...

You are just so awesome! Just reading about your workouts makes me tired!! lol You are such an inspiration to me! I can't believe you are doing all that! Keep up the great work!

p90xer said...

Those plyo push ups Tony does are utterly amazing. You think we'll be able to do them when we graduate? Ha ha

Spitfire said...

UH...mabye when I do this program the THIRD or FOURTH time! One day tho. I WILL do them. :o)