Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wk3 Day 7, P90X X Stretch....Bring on Week 4!

I did my X Stretch this afternoon. I love that hardly feels like a workout. The stretching is essential after the weeks worth of killing it with the P90X. Even tho I'm tired, I just can't see why I wouldn't do this's so worth it. I know everyone says you need a rest day, well, this IS sort of a rest day...stretching does a body good.

Tomorrow starts week 4...the recovery and abs week. I'm a bit nervous. TWO YogaX workouts, TWO core synergistics,....I don't even know what that is yet. I'm going to have to preview it before I attempt it. And the abs....well, my lower back has been not so great...I'm going to have to play it by ear...see what I can do.

Bring on tomorrow! :o)

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Steve 2.0 said...

The core synergistics routine is a little hard, but then again they all are hard. Just like anything else in this program exercises will be tough in the beginning but you will be able to do them after a few trys. Try to look at yoga as you do your stretch day. Positive and beneficial. I know you tend to be negative towards it. Stay positive and remember recovery week!! Focus on your nutrition intake, and water. Best of luck and congrats on 3 weeks down..
C-ya tomorrow