Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 5: P90X Legs & Back

I LOVE Legs & Back! It's a grueling, sweaty, burn for 60 minutes. I love how cleverly it was put together too. Leg workout, leg workout, back, leg, leg, back...etc. It was definitely one of my favorites so far. I LOVE when you work your own body, and you burn, and you feel your muscles, and you push yourself til you're a grunting, groaning, trembling mess, and then that one is finished, and you move on to the next 'event'. Love it! I have to say, I really need to work on the balance part. LOL. I think after I've been doing this for a while, that will just come naturally. And I'm totally serious when I tell you that I NEED THAT! The very first exercise had me fighting for balance...maybe I'll get strong ankles from it. Yay! Every woman needs strong ankles to go with those killer legs, and hot shoes....and that's going to me ME one day...yah baby!

Tip of The Day: Quality Over Quantity!

Legs & Back:

warm up

1) Balance Lunges On A Chair: Legs
18 lft leg, 19 rt leg

2) Calf Raise Squats: Legs
25 reps with 8 lb wts.

3) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Back
10 reps

4) Super Skaters: Legs
25 each side

5) Wall Squats: Legs (I HATE THIS)
90 sec, switching lower and higher every 15 sec.

6) Wide Front Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

7) Step Back Lunges: Legs
15 ea. side

8) Alternating Side Lunges: Legs
24 ea. side

9) Closed-Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: Back
10 reps

10) Single Leg Wall Squats: Legs (I hate this TOO!)
1 minute...alternating legs every 15 sec.

11) Dead Lift Squats: Legs
20 ea. side

12) Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

13) 3-way Lunges: Legs
5 ea. side

14) Sneaky Lunges: Legs
did 18...out of 20

15) Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: Back
10 reps

16) Chair Salutations: Legs
30 sec. x 2

17) Toe Roll Iso Lunges: Legs
15 Lft, 11 Rt (sore foot)

18) Wide Front Pull-Ups: Back
12 reps

19) Groucho Walk: Legs (This is FUN)
45 sec (4 front, 4 back, rpt)

20) Calf Raises: Legs (LOVE THIS...FEEL THE BURN!!)
3 way; 15 slow, 10 fast, 15 slow, 10 fast etc

21) Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: Back
14 reps

22) 80-20 Siebers Speed Squats: Legs (tapped a toe down for balance)
30 ea. side

23) Switch Grip Pull-Ups: Back
10 reps

cool down

I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I ran out of time...had to go pick my 5 yr old up from school...I did a few minutes of Ab ripper X...before I left...I will start that over and do the workout tonight. I think doing the Ab ripper X right after the hour long workout is not a good idea for me anyway. I don't see the harm in breaking those two up...doing the Ab Ripper X when I'm not so wiped out.
Tomorrow is Kenpo...not sure what it is yet...I think it's like kick boxing or something...I guess I'll find out. This week has been great so far. I'm really looking forward to the Stretching DVD. Day 5 is done like dinner. :op

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Karilynn said...

Umm.. I think you are insane Lisa! For real!! I love that you kick your own ass everyday. I hear people whine about how hard P90x is all the time but you... you act like it's Christmas everytime Tony kicks your ass. LOVE IT!! You are inspiring. Congrats on your loss this month and can't wait to see your results for November!