Sunday, October 25, 2009

Month 1 is DONE!........wk 4, day 7 P90X, X Stretch

I definitely had a struggle with this tonight. I have a bad headache...and every time I had to put my head low, well, you HURT. But, I just asked hubby for some Xtra strength Tylenol, and I kept doing it...breathing through the hurt. The rest of my body feels good, definitely glad that I did it....but my head still hurts.

Month 1 is done! I'm really looking forward to this next phase...mostly because there are new workouts in it. I'm a bit anxious because I worry that it's going to be tough...but I'm UP for that challenge. Even IF it IS tough, I know that in a few weeks, I'll be sailing right through them...just in time for the last phase, which is likely tougher yet. LOL What else would I expect of P90X?! Like Tony says, "It's a beautiful thing!"

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