Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wk 3, Day 3, P90X Shoulders & Arms...WOW MOM!

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Seriously! I loved it! I pushed even harder, upping my weights, upping my reps....and it feels awesome! There is nothing more enjoyable than competing with yourself and bringing it every single time. And as Tony says "WOW...what's wow backwards? MOM!" LOL.

Ahhahaha! Okay, so Tony and I are dorks! As Karilynn so wonderfully stated, WOW spelled backwards is....WOW! Not MOM...that would be WOW spelled UPSIDE DOWN, Duh! Now everytime I hear him say that, I'm going to crack up...all the world now knows that he is a dunce...hehe...and only a few know that I am. Thanks Karilynn. ;oP


Karilynn said...

You are an animal! ;o)

Steve 2.0 said...

Getting stronger... Gonna fly now... You need some stair to run up. LOL!!

How goes the important stuff? The nutrition side.

Moi said...

Good for you. Push it hot mamma!!!

Karilynn said...

LOL! I just realized that WOW spelled backwards is WOW!! ;o) Couldn't help but tease a little!!