Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wk 4, Day 6, P90X, Yoga X

I don't believe I'm even going to say this...but I feel much better after having done the Yoga X today. I was in a weird place today...part not feeling well, part tired, part gloomy dull day combined with sick kids. I didn't feel like doing it at all. Then when I put the DVD in and I noticed the duration of the disc, I was like "what?" having forgot it was an hour and a half. Fabulous! Yep, that's what I thought. I didn't feel like doing it, and NOW it was going to be 90+ minutes?! How I could have forgotten that, I'll never know. LOL. This was only my what...6th time doing it! That tells you my frame of mind. However, I actually started to do what you're supposed to do in Yoga, and let my mind go, and just concentrate on the breathing and the moves. I love that I'm getting stronger. I love that I'm getting better balance too. the beginning of 'Tree', when Tony fell out, I managed to stay IN. Haha...of course, the happiness that I managed to stay in, almost threw me out of balance..hehe. And for the Dancer pose...I can do that longer as well...obviously not getting a toe hold. Anyway, after this workout this time, and feeling the way I did when I started, I'm very proud of my effort today, and psyched that my brain may be coming around to the bright side, the loving Yoga side. Maybe it won't take as long to be a believer, after all.

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Jeff Pickett said...

I had a similar issue with Yoga on Saturday. But I focused on my breathing and found a few places to stare at which seemed to help my balance and focus.
I almost did something odd - at the end when you go into Corpse pose...I actually fell asleep. I was so relaxed I had a small cat nap. I woke up and the DVD was in Menu mode. :)

Keep getting stronger - it only gets better!