Saturday, March 27, 2010

And life gets in the way.....

Wow, I cannot believe I did it again, and haven't blogged in a week.
I have had company all week. My sister has been here visiting, and one of my closest friends is going through some turmoil so she and her daughter are staying with us for a while. One busy house and a LOT of estrogen (poor hubby) The regular swing of things food and fitness-wise hasn't been seen around here for a while now, and I actually miss it.
It's funny as I read my last post where I proclaim "MONDAY" as my reboot...haha. Well, Guess what? I'm about to make that proclamation again.
I have been tired lately. More tired than usual. My body is sluggish, my back hurts, and my joints ache. It dawned on me that it is likely due to the fact that I've been off my gluten-free, sugar-free eating since the 5K. That night on the way home I was famished so we went to Boston Pizza for dinner, and I ate a Stromboli. YUM! It was divine. AND I shared a Chocolate Explosion with Greg and Emily. It was rich and chocolatey and ooey gooey good. I never felt anything out of the ordinary with that meal as regards my body tho. SO I thought that maybe I had licked the food allergy thing. And YES, the timing was way weird. And I don't know exactly why I chose to do that after such a proud day and a great achievement for me. Anyway, since then I've let it slip. I am still hovering at the same weight, but I COULD HAVE LOST WEIGHT! I've been drinking regular coffee, and I've even had chips and dips *gasp* WHY? Not sure exactly. I think I was testing my body, seeing how far I could go before I felt like crap, sort of like an experiment. Well, I'm here now. I feel like crap on a stick. My stomach hurts. Pain. I feel like I'm 15 pounds heavier. I'm even walking differently, because I feel so bloated. I'm sneezy, bloated and tired and achey! All very good reasons to get my booty in gear! I've got HUGE goals, and they won't come to fruition unless I get started. I cannot waste any more time!

I hereby designate MONDAY as my official return to health and fitness, to P90X, and to starting a Primal way of life. I WILL fulfil this promise to myself to become fit and hot and 'cougar-ish'! Look out, Lisa's comin for ya!

Ahhh, now that I got THAT out of the way, I guess I'd better write about my goals again.

1. P90X, Y, Z haha. That just means I'm going to add some other stuff in like, jogging, hiking the back bush, getting some yard work done...all active stuff.

2. Primal baby. Back to the basics of eating: quality sources of animal protein, colorful vegetables and fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. AND I will be blogging about The Primal Blueprint and how things are going in relation to that. I am certain it's going to make the difference for me! It's Jon Gabriel meets Mark Sisson...and it's brilliant!

3. WATER! WATER! between 96-120 oz of water.

4. All my vitamins and minerals and nutrients.
5. Getting out in the sunshine and fresh air.

6. Mental Secrets cd.

With this plan in tact, there is absolutely NO WAY I will not only meet my goals, but exceed them. My future starts NOW!


Pitbull said...

I absolutely love you! Funny...cuz since the race I've been WAY off track too! My diet and exercise went out the window! I don't know why either! I don't think I've gone up much (maybe 3 lbs), but I should have gone down! I've let stress of the fire, changing jobs, problems with family all get in the way!!! It shouldn't! I think I need to jump on board with you sweety...and proclaim Monday as my day to take control of my life again!!! Let's do this together! I'd love to chat sometime this weekend to cement things with you!!! Thanks so mkuch for sharing! I needed that I think!

Pam90X said...

you guys are awesome. Love the motivational post!