Friday, March 5, 2010

March Weigh-In

Okay, I just have to day this sucks. This weight is NOT an accurate reflection of where I am right now. I've been down 2 pounds less than this all week, with the scale flashing 2 pounds lower than that lower number. But because of sodium with a late dinner along with 2 hours of driving before settling down for an hour of TV where I actually feel asleep during the show (that never happens), and a really crappy sleep last night, here I am. So, I'm not going to freak out too much. I know that this month I will knock it out of the part, and I'm moving forward. Onward and upward!

Feb. 5 : 221
Mar 5: 219
On the bright side...notice, my toes are all painted! LOL Like I totally wouldn't THAT again. :o)


Pam90X said...

Not to worry you said you had sodium and a lack of sleep. Chances are tomorrow it'll be down again. I totally think our bodies mess with us on weigh in days. Stupid scales.

Good luck this weekend. I'll be thinking about you :)

Amanda said...

I think it's great! Any loss is a loss!!!!!! And away it goes!

Jewel said...

2 lbs is great! and I fluctuate and and down all the will adjust out!

Pitbull said...

Oh ya baby!!! Watch out we come!!! And it all begins with the Frosty 5k in 2 days!!! Yee haw!!!

Anonymous said...

Kudos for posting the pic, but kudos also for explaining the increase and keeping it real about how to think about it. Guys are lucky and have less of an issue with water weight issues, but I have still seen 2 lbs. fluctuations on me going from day to day depending on carb or sodium intake.
Ready for the race this weekend?

Ellura said...

Hey, you are going in the right direction so don't get too discouraged. Besides those 2 pounds will be back off again soon and it will help your next weigh in! Congrats and good luck this month!

Grace said...

Heh. I loved on my painted nails too. High five!

Good luck next month!