Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Temporary Departure From P90X

I have decided that this week I will take a temporary leave from P90X and concentrate on the treadmill. I couldn't do the treadmill for a while now because of my heel. But now that my heel is healed I can do it again. This Sunday is the Frosty 5K. The weather has been nice, mild even, so just watch it be -30 C on Sunday. Ha. It's going to feel good doing the treadmill. Next Monday, my hubby and I will be back at P90X, we're going to count it as week 2 even tho we had some stops and starts. Last week was good, except that I made a conscious decision to forgo the workout on the weekend. I've been really tired lately...so last night, I chose to go to bed instead of working out. My kids have been sick..SO NOT FUN...which complicates the whole workout-in -the-day thing. I'm still in it mentally. I'm getting back in it physically. My body takes a hit when I'm stressed out or exhausted...so the goal is to build myself back up to keep this downward trend happening. Happily, I broke through a plateau, and I am only 18 pounds away from Onederland. I am SO STOKED. I'm hoping to be there by April 1. Ahhhhh! It is TOTALLY doable. Just gotta keep focused, and keep doin it.


Pitbull said...

Oh...I know you will do it!!!

Pam90X said...

If I see on April 1st first thing in the morning that you say you gained a ton of weight and didn't do it and then in the afternoon put April fool's I WILL BE SOOO MAD!!! LOL. No I think you can totally do this and you will!!!! Just get through this weekend so you can stop stressing about it and once the girls are healthy you can focus on you again!!!

Spitfire said...

Haha...thanks for that idea...muah haha!
I know...focus is essential. And I love this weather...so uplifting! I have great plans for this spring weather. I have a bike trailor that is also a jogging stroller...so guess what I'm going to do ?? :o)