Friday, February 26, 2010

Loving P90X

Rocking out to Theory of a Deadman before P90X Legs & Back. I like to turn the music off on the DVD and play my favorites that match the work out that day.
P90X just makes you feel good. I'm loving it...and I can't wait til I'm at goal weight...I've got so much bottled up inside me that P90X is bringing out...there aint no stoppin me now, baby!
The workout: Well, I got half of it in today. Why? Ask the three little monsters that made me referree today. One child is sick, and that makes the bunch wild, wrangy, frustrated...etc. So, I'm happy with half. Half is a whole lot better than none...and it came this close <> to being none.
One thing I noticed is how tight my legs are. I realize how important daily exercise is, even when I AM totally fit, just to keep the body limber and loose. Today, I'm feeling Yoga.
Tomorrow, Kenpo X, and I'm really really looking forward to it.


Pam90X said...

You made me laugh out loud with the 3 monsters LOL. I was worreid about you and your workout...I was going to text you last night to see if you did it and forgot to.

ummm where did you get that tank?! I thought you weren't going to buy another because the black one cost you a fortune. LOL. You look awesome by the can see your confidence in your pictures now. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!!!

Spitfire said...

Thanks. I bought TWO tanks. They originally were supposed to be $14.00 ea plus shipping and handling, or something like that. With the freight, they ended up being $44.00 EACH! LOL. That's more than a shirt at a concert. I love them. They're great for working out in. Yeah, P90X has made a huge difference for me...and I just feel sassier and sexier. I'm totally stoked for when I lose all this weight. I'll be a walking hot tamalie! LOL

Nathan said...

I think what you are doing is great and I am glad that you are experiencing such great results with the P90X. There is a coaching option that Beachbody offers. Watch the video at the link below and get back with me on what you think. Good luck with th rest of your workouts and life after P90X!

Nathan McCabe
Independent Beachbody Coach