Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yogaahhhhhh X...Round 2 P90X

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually enjoyed Yoga today. My back was bothered at first, but the more I went the better it felt. I did keep watching the clock around the 53 minute I briefly contemplated quitting. It's funny the excuses a person can come up with when they just don't feel like it. But I did most of it. I opted out a few moves that would tweak my neck since my neck has been out for a bit (chiropractor is on vacation). My head was in a good place today too, so that definitely helped with the determination and concentration. I did about 87 minutes.
Oh, and my heel is feeling better today. It's not quite healed, but it's a lot better than yesterday.
Tomorrow, Legs and Back. Hope the heel is even better.


Pitbull said...

Wow!!! Nice to hear you say you enjoyed yoga!!! So glad your heel is feeling better...and just in time too!!! You've got that run coming up in 10 days!! Can't wait to see you! xo

Pam90X said...

wow 10 days until that!!! Are you getting excited?

I actually really like YogaX now too...well the last time I did which was ages ago but once you get past the...I could be doing chores, etc and clear your mind it's awesome. It's hard not to clock watch when it's 90 minutes long.

You so rock this!!! You are making that sprint to Onederland my friend...not far to go now!!!! Imagine how it will feel that morning you step on the scale and realize how far you've gone to get there. And how close you are to reaching your goals. Let's get in shape so we can go rock climbing and hiking and you can join your tri-athalon team!!!! Bring it I say Bring it!!!

Karilynn said...

I admit.. I never do the twisted ab things at the end. AND I totally don't do the dead thing. I seriously have no desire to lay there doing nothing. CONGRATS on doing it AND loving it!