Monday, February 1, 2010

Another streak comes to an end...and I'm not even upset!

Well, I ended another streak. Even tho I didn't go weird on my eating, (the worst I did was have a little piece of deep fried banana) I had some drinks. My husband and I went to Niagara Falls for a much needed escape, and we went out for dinner and to a club. I had some drinks...the first time this mouth had anything with sugar/gluten in it since last June. It's okay tho. One weekend away, one evening with drinks did not break me. I don't regret it at all. One thing I will say is, even tho I did that, it doesn't feel like a free be to go crazy. I still consider my lifestyle refined-sugar-free/gluten-free. All of my choices after my drinks are still sound. I have absolutely NO compunction to eat badly, which just reaffirms to me that this is a lifestyle CHOICE, I've made. My body went kinda haywire afterwards, which just reiterates to me MY NEED of this lifestyle choice, a self imposed one to maintain a healthy body. So I'm good with that. If I go out and decide to have a drink or something, it does not need to translate into a complete departure from my chosen path. The past almost 7.5 months have taught me what is good for my body, it's taught me discipline and self control and more importantly the fact that I am strong enough to make a conscious decision without going haywire, out of control, gluttonous, and crazy. I am proud of myself.

I was going to start my P90X today, but I think I'd better postpone it. My back is out from the base of my skull, all down my spine to my tail bone. My head hurts so much from the whole back feels bruised. Why? 10 Pin bowling! LOL. Those balls are heavy. I played it for an hour with my hubby, and it was a lot of fun...but with the weights of the balls, and the twisting....not a good thing....thank goodness I have a chiropractors appointment this afternoon!


Elise said...

Great job on being able to splurge but not fall off the wagon. It is a choice to be sure. Great job. Good luck getting re-aligned and back to working out!

Karilynn said...

Congrats on a fun weekend. I've learned recently that wine can absolutely be a dear friend in times of distress. ;o)

Pam90X said...

wow! sorry about your back...hopefully the chiropractor straightens you out. Congrats on your reaffirmations! That's huge when you go off course a bit but don't stray if that makes sense. It truly is a lifestyle change you've made. You know you can have a drink or something not good for you...but you know it comes with the affects on your body. THe fact that you are that in tune with your body is what is making you stay on track!!! Awesome job!