Tuesday, February 23, 2010


That's the sound of my get up and go coming to a skidding stop! I had a rough weekend. It was rough on all accounts. Monday I was supposed to start working out and my hubby and I were going to do it together. But I'm just not feeling well. It usually takes me a few days for my body to recover from a hit, and yesterday and today, I'm toast. I feel so crappy. My hubby had the stomach flu last night, so he was home from work feeling like crap too. I got my heel injection today, and let me just say YOWIE! Holy Toledo batman! Did that sucker hurt! And the residual pain lingered....a lot longer than before. I went grocery shopping instead of coming home and putting my foot up, and let me just say how much of a mistake THAT was! The pain lasted for a few hours....and now it's really tender. On the upside, I got 6 months out of that last shot, which is really good. The doctor there is a busy busy specialist. He doesn't waste words. But today, he shook my hand and said "you should be commended! It's really difficult for women to lose weight because you're built for babies. So the weight you've lost (58 lbs) is comparable to 125 lbs for a man. You really need to be commended. Keep up the good work." That meant so much to me. For HIM to make a statement like that to me, oh he of little words, that felt great!
So I come home and hubby puts a ham in the oven to roast that I just bought. I HATE THE SMELL OF MEAT ROASTING! I am sick. The smell is making me even MORE nauseaus. I'm not sure what it is. Beef, Chicken, turkey, pork, YUCK when it's roasting! Like totally BLUCK! *shudders*
So, here's what's going to happen. I will start my P90X tomorrow. It doesn't matter that it's in the middle of the week. I will get 5 days in at least. And next week, I'm hitting it hard, back on track. I'm aching to see the weight coming down. I feel like crap again, physically, and I really want to get back to feeling good. So, this is it for me. I'm making a run for it. I'm back in my zone, even tho I feel so bad today. I've got major goals, and I'm adding to them all the time. It's go time!


Pitbull said...

Oh my sweety, you have really had a rough go of things lately! I hope it's all over with this time! I'm so excited that you've got your Mojo back! I know you can do thiws! I agree with your DOC...you really should patt yourself on the back for what you've accomplished this far!

Spunkster and I have come up with a plan! The two of us have had REALLY major issues with workking out lately...for me it's been WEEKS!!! So we've decided to text each other in the morning when we're dressed and ready to go! That way...we let the other one down if we don't do it! I seem to do VERY well when I know someone else is counting on me...that's how I did so well when I was power walking and jogging before...cuz I was doing it with my neighbour...and I didn't ever wanna let him down that early in the morning!!! I'm hoping it works again for me!!!!

You keep up the good work baby!!! xo

Pam90X said...

Feel better...you really are getting hit with one thing after another. I hope your foot feels better tomorrow I'm really looking forward to watching your numbers drop again :)

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! Our melting machine!!!

Funny I did really well year's ago when I was walking at 5am with a friend because you didn't want to call so early to cancel...we walked rain or snow or sleet...if it was thundering then it was a no go but otherwise we were out there.

Oh if only the two of you lived closer :)