Monday, February 22, 2010


This weekend I decided to do some experimentation. I'm glad I did, because it only reiterates for me the need to stay on THIS eating path. I had some alcohol Friday night, and I paid for it. Sunday, I decided to try some bread and pasta. I had THE WORST stomach ache followed by bathroom issues. Food shouldn't make you in pain, or make you feel so bloated you'd swear you were pregnant. And when I eat the way I have been eating since June, I don't feel any odd or painful reactions. I feel satisfied. That's it. Eating my way may be a little more restrictive, might require more planning, but you know what? It is SO worth it.

P90X starts again today. My hubby and I are hitting it at the same time tonight...we're going to try and see how it goes working together. Chest & Back. It's going to feeel sooo goood getting back on the bus. Time to get this weight loss moving again.


Jeff Pickett said...

Lisa -
Good luck with Round 2. I'm anxious to see you posting again with your successes and hoping your injuries are behind you. Expect some new soreness - it's P90X - what else would you expect? But keep rocking it!

Pam90X said...

should be interesting...don't get in each other's way :) I'm sure you'll figure out a system that works.

I'm glad you tested yourself and know what you have to do.

Tell Greg to start blogging too!!! I haven't seen anything from him yet.

Pitbull said...

So cool that you're doing it together! Let me know how it went! Round 2 eh? Wish I were doing roundf 2!!! But the 30 day Shred will have to do. I just don't have the time...and besides, Micheal leant it out to a friend...and I don't wanna pay for another one! LOL! I gotta start exercising again too! I've plateaued with the "perfect eating" weight if I wanna see more pounds shed, I've gotta do both!!! Glad to see you back at it sweety!! Missed ya! xo

Karilynn said...

Experimenting is great for reminding yourself that you are on the right path. As far as p90x goes.. I LOVE all the resistance!! So fun that your hubby is doing it with you. I haven't checked out his blog since before he started blogging.. maybe I'll check it out again today!