Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm BAAACK, BABY! Brought it and left it on the floor! Day 1 - Round 2 of P90X

Well, I was apprehensive today....for some reason I couldn't make myself get going...in fact, I was SUPPOSED to start this yesterday, but I couldn't make myself start then either. Not sure why, exactly. Perhaps it's because I know how hard it is...LOL. At any rate, I FORCED myself to do it today. And within 5 minutes of the actual workout, I remembered why I love P90X! There is nothing like the adrenaline pumping, the blood flowing, the apprehension...and then doing it. Where I started today was right where I left off the first round. This time, I impressed myself...I did 14 standard pushups, then 10. All of my pushups were upped, and the weight I left off for heavy pants and lawnmowers was the weight I started with today (20lbs). How do I feel? Like throwing up, that's how. LOL. I am shaking, I am nauseaus, but I persevered and completed it. I love when you work hard and your body goes "um, HELLO!!" Ahhh....a nice recovery drink with some ice, and I'm good to go. Currently, as I type this, my hubby is doing P90X for the first time. YAY!

Plyo tomorrow....oh boy, is that gonna kill me! But I'm soooo looking forward to it!


Karilynn said...


Pitbull said...

Hey sweety...glad to see you're back! I haven't heard from you for a little bit...and I've missed your blog...I LOVE to follow you! It still absolutely amazes me that you can do that many pushups...my arms will only do 5 maximum...and I have less weight to push!!! I am so impressed by you! I've just finished 2 days of 100% clean eating...at proper portions! I'm really focusing on the food cuz that's my big downfall! I'm aiming at doing the 30 minutes of Shred every day...but I know realistsically, some days I won't have the time...actually...didn't do it yet this week! But I'm promising you to get up tomorrow and getterdone!!!! I'm with you baby...healthy all the way!! xo

Pam90X said...

AWESOME! I'm so glad you're back at it. I was a little worried when we didn't hear much from you this past little while. I know the eating thing is fine for you as it's how you feel your best...but I was worried you were falling off the exercise thing...like me LOL.

I'm so proud of you. I seriously can't even do 1 normal pushup!!!

Let us know how your hubby does...I'm curious to see what you take from that? teehee...maybe you'll jump him when he's doing X-Stretch this week :)

Spitfire said...

Ahhaha...you ladies rock. That's too funny Pammy...hmmm maybe objectifying him is EXACTLY what he needs...haha.

No, I wasn't falling off the exercise wagon...I was ITCHING to do it, seriously. But my body had a mind of it's own, and it sort of went haywire. So I was told I couldn't do anything...I feel my back today man. Wowza. And my heel spur/tendon by the heel spur is acting up AGAIN, so I've got an appointment in 2 weeks for another cortisone shot. YIKES! Thanks for thinking of me tho. Feels sooo good to be on the active list again! You have NO idea. This weight is goin down!