Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of Whacking...

I sort of felt like the Sopranos this afternoon. I went out there and chopped the heck out of a huge stumpy hunk of wood, using the splitting axe to help unstick my axe and crack the wood too...LOTS OF WHACKING! I did only about 30 minutes total, but let me tell you, I felt a certain amount of pleasure out of conquering that hunk of wood.
Life can sometimes resemble a huge stumpy hunk of wood...spongey and the axe sticks...and you can whack and wail on that thing and not budge it an inch. Sometimes that's life. Sometimes you try your hardest and don't get a whole hellova lot out of it.
On the upside...keep whacking away, and eventually you can bend the wood to your will, or in this case, crack it and get the axe unstuck.

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