Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bawled Like A Baby!

Of course, I watched The Biggest Loser last night...wouldn't miss it for the world. I DVR'd watching it commercial free. I was thoroughly impressed with Tracy's attitude, even tho it landed her in the hospital. I got all choked up, because I put myself in her shoes. Her spirit is exactly my spirit. If you tell me I can't do something, I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm going to push myself as far as my body will go...and I have done that while strength training, pushed my muscles to the point of exhaustion. Like Tracy. She's got spunk! And Abby!! OMG, I bawled like a baby. Out of everyone there who could use their excuses, she's the one who survived the unthinkable. It makes me tear up just thinking of it. I love her attitude, "Death is easy, Life is hard. But I get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other. And I'm here at the ranch, and I lost 15 pounds, I'm doing it!" It would take eons for me to get to that point. I know I wouldn't even want to live. Losing her husband, 5 year old daughter, and 2 week old son to a drunk driver two years ago....that would kill me....well, it would kill my spirit. I am so proud of her. Sure, she gained weight...but she wants this bad enough to put it all out there, to relive those horrible, immobilizing feelings and laying herself bare. Even Jillian was crying.

But I totally agree with Karilynn. Enough with all of the other people's excuses...stop trying to quit, stop asking for help. Do the freaking work, and take charge of your life already! I'll be interested to see how these contestants progress, mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.


Karilynn said...

Okay.. I totally hate Julio and his "I'll do it when I'm forty 'promise'"! BLAH!! And seriously, watching Shay go through the motions in her head was torture. You could see her feeding herself excuses as she refused to keep going. UGH!!
I cried too! Abby is awesome. ;o) Oh and I LOVE SHAWN but was screaming at my tv when he was shocked he had type 2 diabetes! Hello Shawn.. you are 444 lbs... did you seriously think you didn't have it?!?!?

Angela said...

Abby made me cry too...I probably wouldn't have made it....She's incredible!
And Tracey, I was like OMG, she tried and she passed out. I don't ever want to get there...more inspiration for me to try harder!

Vicki said...

My hubby is out of town, and I missed the first part... so I totally missed Tracy... but I enjoyed the rest of the show... love when things like BL make me cry :)