Friday, September 18, 2009

Packing a Lunch

Well, I was completely proud of myself today. I had to pack a lunch for a day away from home....a lunch where I wasn't 'tweaking' from a restaurant. I was a bit worried at first, but I prevailed. :o)
I made salmon sandwhiches for Bridget and Issys lunch, but before I did that, I separated some out for me. Theirs had mayo, mine didn't. And since I was going to be away, rice bread wouldn't work. Normally, I would toast my rice bread, lightly butter it, and put salmon on's quite nice, actually. Today I just packed salmon in a container. I had a container of spicy hummus too, and some lime rice crackers, a couple refined-sugar-free/gluten-free shortbread cookies, an apple (which Issy confiscated) and water with lemon. I was completely satisfied. Sure it's not conventional food, but I enjoyed it. This transition to healthy's a done deal....easy, enjoyable. I don't need to eat what other people eat just because it's the norm, or convenient. I feel good. The food tastes good. That's all that counts. Another situation handled with ease, and it just boosts my confidence all the more. Each time I am successful on this journey, it fortifies me to continue. As a friend says "onward and upward."


Sarah said...

Way to go with the lunch packing! Eating at any time is tricky when we're trying to be more conscious of what we are eating. Amen to "Onward and Upward" Keep it up!!

Ellura said...

hey, I'm impressed with the packed lunch. Eating away from home seems to be my biggest problem and you handled it perfectly! great idea for the rest of us.