Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, we had a blast on our little family excursion. We left Wed, and came back Sunday evening. I had been thinking about how I was going to manage to do my routine and my exercising while away...but then I just told myself that it doesn't need to be complicated. And it wasn't. I packed a cooler with ice and drinks for the kids and my hubby and water for me...and another cooler (one that plugs into the van) with more water, juice, apples, veggies, and also enough probiotics and vital greens for the trip. I had cloth bags of my health food store snax, and snax for the rest of the family, vitamins & supplements.

We got down to Niagara Falls and the hotel around 10pm...after a 4 hour drive, the kids were a bit wired so it was an hour and a half before they went to bed. We got a suite so they could be in bed, in the bedroom, and we could be in the TV room and chill. Chilling wasn't what I did though at first. I was tired, but I was also determined to not let this day go by without working out. So, at 11:40pm, I'm on a towel on the floor doing leg work for 20 minutes. I figured, 20 minutes was better than no minutes....so while a movie was on, I did my thing. Of course, I wasn't going to bed right away...I stayed up to watch the rest of the movie (" Land of the Lost".)

The next morning, I took my probiotic, my vital greens, my phytoberry nutrients, my vitamins...got the kids ready, and we were off.

It was a hot day...happy the weather cooperated. We did a few kids rides, then took in the Dolphin and Seal show. After that we had lunch which was roast chicken...and then did more kid rides. We hit the Killer Whale show, and Emily and I were drenched..totally, through to the skin...drowned rats. LOL. It was kinda refreshing on top, even tho it was salty water. But on the bottom...ever walk in wet jeans? Gross!

We also took the kids to the Beluga Whales, where they got to feed them. The whale they pet and fed was called Jubilee...beautiful, cold, rubbery...gorgeous. It blew out of it's blowhole right into Bridget's face, sending her hair flying...hehe. She wasn't too impressed, but I sure was...I found that quite funny. Nice mom, eh.

After that, we did some more rides and Greg took Emily to the bigger rides. Then I saw the "exit to parking lot" sign and I wanted to kiss it. My legs and feet were soooo tired and sore! I would take a couple steps, and my left leg would give out at the inner thigh...and I was limping with my right foot. I'm sure I looked like quite the hurtin unit! LOL. 8 hours of walking will do that to you! We got back to the room and after the kids went to bed, I soaked my feet in epsom salts. Ahhhhh. Relief!

The next day was a repeat except we didn't do the attractions, just the rides. It was a 6 hour walking day...the weather was great, not too hot though. We went out to dinner and I tweaked my food, omitting the things I couldn't have. At one point I asked the waitress to check and see if there was sugar in the salad dressing... After dinner, we went back to the hotel, and took the kids swimming, and then into the hot tub...which was heaven! I really needed that!
Back at the room we watched the fireworks over the falls from our window. Bridget asked why there were fireworks, and my first answer was "because it's our anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" LOL...and then I didn't have the heart to tell them I was just kidding...you should have seen their faces. Pure awe!

Saturday I didn't take my vitamins because I couldn't remember where I had put them....LOL. We checked out, went out to breakfast, and then headed to the falls. We did a 2 hour walk along the falls, and I had to end up carrying Issy back to the van via piggy back.

On the way home, I found a fruit stand so we bought fresh apples, green beans and red peppers.

We changed up our plans and instead of going home, we went to a friends house near Toronto. She invited us for a BBQ and to sleep over. This is my friend that did my first 5K with me. Tweaking food is easy. They have BBQ sauce, I don't. They have hot sauce with their rice, I don't. They have wine, I don't. Actually, my friend was happy that she was also wine-free and making healthy choices...three weeks for her on her new eating regime. Her body needed some help requiring her to switch up her eating...even though she's all of 110. pounds. It goes to show you, you can be thin, but it doesn't mean that the food you eat is right for your body. She never ate 'bad' before, but she did need to eliminate some things for the sake of her health. So it was kind of nice for me that she was doing something similar, and that she would understand where I was coming from.

We got home Sunday evening....and we were all exhausted! Sleep was an issue for me...I didn't get 8 hours of sleep any night I was away, and sleep is essential for weight loss. I DID get my monthly thing though, or the version of it I get since the surgery. I was pretty pleased that I only had a stomach ache briefly, and that my moods and water retention was not as much as it could be. I managed to drink all of my water too. All in all, this trip was a success for me. It showed me that no matter what the situation, circumstance, agenda, I can stay true to "ME" and it doesn't have to be hard. If I can stay on my routine away then I am pretty solid in this new lifestyle of mine.

This was the first time away that it didn't revolve around eating the 'treats' and indulging in them. It was the first time that food played its proper role, fuel. And it was the first time that I went away and never gained anything, or that I wasn't swelled up beyond belief. Everything went smoothly which contributed to a peaceful state of mind, which made sticking to my 'thing' stressfree. This trip was a huge success, and I'm so thrilled about it. If I can do this, then I can do anything.

Day 92 refined-sugar-free, Day 71 consecutive daily exercise!

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