Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P90X Chest & Back...WOW!

That was freaking awesome! Last night my arms were so tired, I could barely journal on WLW. The workout itself was 54 minutes long, and I was supposed to do the Ab RipperX as well. But, since I was working out late, I finished the workout at 11:00 pm, I didn't have any more time OR energy to do the Ab one. I got at it late because my loving hubby drove an hour and a half out of his way after work last night to buy me a piece of equipment I needed to do this workout. It was a pull up bar that you install in a doorway. I have a machine downstairs, a Universal that only has a pull down aspect...but I couldn't get at that because Greg is sealing and painting the basement floor, and everything is temporarily moved all in one big pile. So after I put the kids to bed, who ate earlier, then we ate, and he installed the equipment for me.
I worked so hard, I was thoroughly spent. The cool thing with this pull-up bar, is that it has a beginner mode, where you put your feet on either side of the door frame, the bar swings out, you grab it and lean waaay back. Now you're all set to pull your body weight. Which I did about a gazzillion times...or so it seemed ;o)
Next week, I'll do this workout earlier in the day so I can get the Ab RipperX in later in the day.

This morning I'm not the hurtin unit I thought I would be. I definitely feel everything though. My arms and chest and back still feels pumped from last night. I LOVE that strong feeling! I'm used to using those muscles though...from when I was doing weights from the Body For Life I did in the spring. Instead of having dead arms and aching chest and back, I just feeeeel pumped! I was so JaCkEd UP last night after working out....I LOVE this! My hands hurt though. Next week I've got to use my weight training gloves to save my hands. What a workout! Pulling my own body weight,....that's KILLER on the hands.

I've learned one important thing. Never trust the fear and doubt my mind initially has! I am much stronger than I give myself credit for. I can do anything as long as I shelf the fear. Fear holds people back all the time. I was petrified before I started last night. Seriously! I had heard how killer it was....and well, self doubt took a hold of me. Now, I'm just proud of myself. Today is Plyometrics. My brain wants to make me feel afraid. But I just keep telling myself that I can keep up with that chick from Turbo Jam, i can do this too...even if it IS extreme! Hehe...getting my brain to believe THAT is half the battle!

P90X Chest and Back Workout ~ Day 1

Standard push-ups:
1) 1 standard push-up, 20 on knees
2) 10 on knees

Wide Front Pull-Ups:
1) 11 (beginner mode see above post)
2) 6

Military Push-Ups:
1) 10 on knees
2) 10 "

Reverse Grip Chin-Ups:
1) 10
2) 10

Wide Fly Push-Ups: (I like these ones)
1) 10 on knees
2) 15 "

Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups:
1) 10
2) 8

Decline Push-Ups (using a chair)
1) 10 on knees
2) 6 "

Heavy Pants (bent over 'pullin up pants' actions with weights
1) 17 reps @ 15 lbs
2) 11 reps "

Diamond Push-Ups
1) 20 on knees
2) 12 "

1) 13 reps @ 15 lbs
2) 14 reps "

Dive-Bomber Push-Ups
1) 17 on knees
2) 17 "

Back Flys
1) 10 reps @ 15 lbs
2) 10 reps "

After we went through this list once, Tony says "most workouts would be done right now...but we're not!" And then we went through the list again, only in a different order.

At the end, I was feeling a little sick. I ended up drinking 36 oz of water with this workout which probably caused the sick feeling. But I didn't feel too bad because Tony said "boy, now I feel nauseaus!" So if THEY can feel sick after pushing their bodies to the max, then I don't feel like a loser for feeling sick after pushing MINE to the max too. :o)

I can't wait for next week. I LOVED this workout. I can't imagine liking another workout as much as this one...with 7 days/week/90 days program...I guess I'll see eh.


Karilynn said...

I love this: Never trust the fear and doubt my mind initially has!
So true. You did it! You are amazing! I totally want this program!!!

Spitfire said...

You would LOVE it! You're the kind of girl that pushes herself...you'd kill this. :o)