Monday, September 28, 2009

Fit Test

So, I did pretty well on the Fit test. I did MOST things. I jumped 5.75 inches on the leap test (minimum for a girl is 3 inches). I did 1 regular push up and switched to 15 knee push-ups (minimum for a girl is 3 regular, OR 15 knee). I reached 5 inches PAST my toes on the Toe Touch part (minimum is no less than 6 inches AWAY from toes ). I could only do 30 seconds on the Wall Squat...those suckers are harder than they look. But I also never rested between events (minimum is 1 minute). I did 20 reps @ 15 pounds on Bicep Curls (minimum is 10 reps @ 8 lbs). I did the required 25 In and Outs. And even tho I didn't do the required 2 minutes of consecutive jumping jacks (I stopped at 40 sec. for about 5 sec, and then again at 1:20 for 5, and then again at about 1:40 for 5) I'm still going to start P90X today. This is not a race, it's not a competition with anyone else where if I have to stop and break I'll be forever humiliated. This is a competition with MYSELF, it's about ME, learning, and being active. I'm sure there will be things I can't do, but I'll stick with it until I can. If I need to take a break, or do the modified version, I will. I will keep an accurate record, got my sheets printed out, getting my equipment I need as we speak (thanks hon :oD), and I'm going to Bring It!
So here's to me for trying something that looks bloody scarey! And as Tony says "Do Your Best and Forget About The Rest!"

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Karilynn said...

GO LISAB GO!!! You are amazing! Kick that P90X's bootie! ;o)