Monday, September 7, 2009

CrAzY Foot Pain.

So I am having Huge Foot issues! I've been in excruciating pain since May 25. I had just had surgery (Endometrial Ablasion Hysteroscopy) and when I came out of the anesthetic, my body was on FiRe! I'm talking like a 9 on the richter scale. A couple of days later, my heel spur came least that's what I think it is. I've had that pain since. Some days it's like a dull pain, but definitely present. Most days, it's intense pain. When I get out of bed, either in the night, or in the morning, it's like I'm stepping down on nails.

The pain is so bad, I can't step down...I'm either hopping, or limping, or on my tippy toes. It also is bad after I've sat for a while...getting up is painful. It almost makes me not want to move a muscle. Driving hurts. The way my foot is when I press on the gas, the exact place my heel hurts is the exact spot that is on the floor. Cruise control is a godsend. The one saving grace is that I could still do the exercise bike, my one form of exercise that never bothered my foot. Yeah, that went out the window. Last week, I could literally only do 10 minutes, and I struggled through that...I had to make up my time with upper body. Saturday, I literally could only do 3 minutes, THREE before I was dying. So now I`ve stopped even trying the bike. I just do mat work (lower body) and I also use the medicine ball (upper body). Right now, I do 20 minutes a day...but they're 20 good minutes. The Gabriel Method says only to exercise a few times a week with rest days in between. I've decided though that I was going to go for my streak. So as of today, I have been exercising for 63 days consecutively. I'm not about to break my streak, not even for CrAzY foot pain!


Karilynn said...

Lol! That's right girl... you let that dang foot know who's boss! YOU DON'T OWN LISA!! BWAH HA HA! ;o0

Spitfire said...

LOL...that's exactly it! I REFUSE to give in...even tho I'm a hurtin unit right now.

Mindy said...

Have you ever heard of plantar fasciitis? I did one of my major reports in massage school and that sounds like what you're describing. Funny your docs wouldn't have thought it though. Anyway, maybe you could google it. There are some great stretches and stuff you can do to improve it. Anyway, way to go on working out in spite of the pain!!! It’s hard enough to work out with out that extra block. Keep up the great work you’ll be a big loser in no time! :0)