Saturday, September 5, 2009

Biting The Bullet

Okay, so I decided to just do it....and here it is...the evidence. I know that ONE DAY I'll look back on these pictures and think "WOW, have I ever come a long way" only it will have good connotations attached.

The faces are blurred out for a challenge on WLW, but as you can see from the following pictures, it is definitely me.
Starting weight: 269
Ending weight: 258
11 lbs, 4.08 % in 8 weeks
I couldn't see a difference at first because I don't know how to get the pictures side by side like this. These pictures were emailed to me by our challenge leader, Sam, and I'm so glad she did because I definitely see a difference now. These photos are what cinched my decision to do this blog. I'm really eager to see what my FINAL photos will look like.

Picture taken September 4 @ 258 lbs

One day, I will see my "AFTER" photo and I'll know that all the hard work I'm doing, and the healthy lifestyle choices have paid off, and the past 12 years of shame and sadness over having let myself go will no longer haunt me.

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Karilynn said...

LOVE THESE PICS LISA!!! Seriously.. when I took my before pics, I was terrified, but determined. It would be terrible if I hadn't taken them, I would never be able to really see how far I've come! Can't wait till these pictures are unrecognizable! GO LISA!!!