Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yep, you heard it here, folks. Last night I was forced to make a choice...a conscious decision, and I ended my 193 day run. I was hoping to make it a year, I was hoping to at least make it 200 days. But, my body had other ideas. I've been going through some...stuff....some stress, and that's why my body got run down, and why I got sick the past few weeks, why I had lowered my exercising minutes, why I never pushed super hard. I was pushing hard enough for what my body can withstand right now. See with me, the first place my body takes a hit is in my back, and then it just spreads from there. So, with lack of sleep being the final straw that broke this camels back, last night I was SICK! I mean, move and throw up-sick. I had 3 hours of sleep Saturday night, and I knew it would hit me like a ton of bricks this week. At dinner last night, I sat there and looked at my food. I didn't really want to eat, but I knew I should, so I ate. It tasted good....but soon, I was swooning. I layed my head on the table and said 'you know I think I need to go to bed.' But I sat there, thinking...what can I do in the exercise department? Which one can I accomplish without killing myself? Which one could I tolerate? And the answer was....nothing. I couldn't even dream of anything. My husband told me that I was strong, that I COULD accomplish it if I wanted to....but my said 'uh, I don't think so'. So, with that, I chose to end my streak. I sat in for my girls bedtime story, but I was hurtin....I needed bed. At 8:30, I lay there in bed, still as I could with my head spinning, and the room spinning, trying not to vomit...similar to the feeling as if I were completely out of my mind drunk...except without a drop of alcohol...and I decided right then and there that perhaps my body needs a break. I'm going through some tough stuff, and my body is taking the've decided to take the rest of the week off. No working out...unless I do X Stretch. And then on Monday, I will start P90X. I cannot force myself to do a half-assed workout this week, mentally, emotionally, physically, and expect to recover from this run-down, overstressed body, mind, spirit. I feel really bad for Pitbull...we were supposed to be doing this week together...starting this second round together, finishing together. {{{ PITBULL: I WILL however just be a week behind ya girl.}}}
You know that saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" Well, I intend to be iron woman! Strong as steel! I am Woman, hear me roar!

Today, I'm feeling still out of sorts physically. I'm tired, my stomach is swirling a slight headache....and right now, even tho part of me is disappointed in the streak being broken, another part of me knows that I have to take a mini break...recoup, so I can go strong again. I sense another streak coming on....Monday, January 25, 2010 marks the beginning of "THE STREAK, pt 2" LOL


Jeff Pickett said...

Lisa -
I hate to hear your streak ended, but a streak is only as good as the person's health - otherwise what good is it all for? I think your body has been begging for this a long time. And, as you know, muscle is not built at the gym, but when you are at rest. Rest up this week, get your body and mind right and then explode come next week.
Just don't puke on your DVD's... :)

Rest up!


Karilynn said...

I wanted to send you a video that I was reminded of by your last sentence. THE STREAK!
I'm glad that you made a conscious decision to put an end to it. You have done amazing but I really think that giving your body a break is what is right for you! I'm so glad that you've figured it out. I also STILL love pam's idea of having a goal for the week and having your streak be weeks of consecutive exercise. Either way. YOU ARE STRONG!! ANd I don't doubt that you could just keep on going.. but.. I really think you will see a HUGE improvement in your workouts once you give your body a little recovery time!! :o) LOVE YOU!! Keep it up!

Pam90X said...

WOW!!! I knew you needed it but I didn't think it would happen. I mean I knew it would happen but it's weird.

I'm SOOOOO Proud of you! It takes strength to do that long of a streak and it takes even more strength (and being ill) to recognize when you need that break. You have done so well...and I know you will continue to do well. Rest up and feel better soon. We are here with you all the way. Like I said before make a plan now and stick to it when you are ready to start again. Don't go jumping the gun...get back to 100% and then start again. Don't worry we all know you aren't going to dog it or anything.

Your food is still in tact and that's what makes you feel the's a habit for you. And eventually exercise will be more balanced for you as well...all or nothing is hard to keep up with. P90X makes it so you are active everyday so I know when you start again you won't have a problem getting back into the swing of things.

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pitbull said...

Oh my sweet Spitz!!! My heart aches for you right now! I got teary just reading your post! You did amazing, and you definately don't need to feel bad about ending your streak! Just look at what you've accomplished! I'm so proud that you decided to take time for you! I'm hurting so bad today, that I just may take tomorrow off! I have a conference to go to on the weekend, and was killing myself trying to think of how I was gonna do it...cuz I really have NO time! Maybe I should keep my food in tact...and start fresh next week with you! What do ya think? You and me together! And don't worry...I'm not gonna use it for an excuse to screw up my eating! I just think I REALLY overdid I've never done before, and need to let my body recoup for a couple days...and start over...but not quite so ambitious this time!!! If you need to talk sweety...please call me! I"m home all night tonight, just doing some work for a mortgage I'm working on! I'd love the interruption actually!!! Love you, and thnking of you! Be strong! You absolutely ROCK BABY!!!!@

Cindy said...

Hello Lisa. I hope you feel better.

I don't know where to start. I don't know exactly what your exercise routine is, but moderations is the key, including exercise.

Exercise should be a life long endeavor and it should be a lifestyle. If you are doing to much and you cannot sustain it without your body breaking down, then you need to re-evaluate the routine. For your health, you need to re-evalutate your routine.

I say this because I care.

Longevity should be our goal not "hitting the wall" and then collapsing, and cause undue stress on our bodies. Our objective is to achieve healthy muscles, and maintain our healthy bones. I know its exciting to feel committed and feel like this is the time you will succeed, but you must not "kill" yourself and "rushing" the process. Rest is an important factor in building muscle and losing weight, but it takes time to achieve your goals, it takes time.

You are interested in running right? Lisa, you need to build up your endurance, just don't start from scratch. Even professional runners know how to pace them selves. You too need to learn to pace yourself.

Do you have skype? I would like to chat with you in Skype if you don't mind.

Lisa, I hope you feel better. I feel sorry you are sick. Rest will do you lots of good.