Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday night X-Stretch

I did 30 minutes of X Stretch. I figured just because I'm not currently doing P90X, it doesn't mean I should give up some things that are essential...and after doing the strength training I'm doing, as well as the couch 2 5K thing, this was just what I needed. Funny how tight your muscles get without you even knowing it.


Pam90X said...

X Stretch is awesome!!!

Of course Core is today and I missed doing it this morning (Kevin was behind and I had to drive him to the station) so I'll have to figure out when I can do it tonight.

Karilynn said...

I started yesterday... umm... chest and back + ab ripper x... good times! ;o)

Spitfire said...

Pammy...yep, X Stretch IS awesome! I love it! Just what the doctor ordered, as Tony says.

Karilynn...haha..I love that...Good times indeed! You're gonna LOVE P90X! It's made for girls like us. Bring on the challenge, and the watch us push it! Any girl with the kahonas to do P90X rox...and we should all get shirts that say so!