Friday, January 1, 2010

Powering Through

I warmed up with some of the exercises from P90X, then I hit the Hyper-Extension Bench. As I'm doing it, I realized that yep, this is really disturbing my back. I asked my hubby how he felt when he did this one...and it differs from how I feel...almost spasmy, and burning pain. So I decided that I'm going to alternate Hyper-extension bench and Ab Ripper X days. I cannot do both on the same day, but I can power through one or the other. I can't overdo it all at once, or else I will be junk, in agony, and unable to do anything.
I've upped my reps for the bench press, and my weight for the overhead extension...I love pushing myself and feeling strong. When I start my second round of P90X, I'm going to be ready.

Warm Up: swimmers, arm circles x4, chest & tri stretch.

Hyper-Extension Bench: 3 sets of 15
Bench Press: 15 reps @ 40lbs/15 reps @ 50 lbs/ 12 reps @ 60 lbs/ 15 reps @ 50 lbs
Overhead Extensions: 4 sets of 15 reps @ 15 lbs

42 minutes

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Pam90X said...

Sorry to hear your back is hurting you again...or still as the case may be.

How is your hubby liking P90X?