Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday.....X Stretch...Again

Well, I really toyed with the idea of taking a day off...breaking my streak. I know my body would have benefited from it. But, what about my mind? I thought what if I stop? Will it click a switch in my mind, in my head and start up that whole 'it's okay to stop' mentality...the whole, 'I don't feel like it today' when in reality, I could totally do it? So I guess for the sake of my brain, I put the X Stretch in again, and did 20 minutes. That's all I could do. My back is calming down...but everything stomach hurts, my ribs feel bruised, I'm nauseaus, I feel sort I have pneumonia. I don't. It just feels like that because of the inflammation. I know that the vulnerability of my back makes my whole system vulnerable. Now, I have a bit of a cold too. I got sent for a loop, and my immune system took a hit. I say, 20 minutes is way better than no minutes!


Pam90X said...

way to go hun. I agree you can stop but when you choose to. Not because you don't feel like it or feel you can't. When you say okay I'm good now...I will make a commitment to work out Mon/Wed/Fri and Sat no excuses (because we know you can do it no subbing in other days) then that's when you do it. But when you are ready mentally.

I honestly think your body needs a break but you've got to be ready for it...not just do it and then wing it from there.

You need a plan. A when I'm going to break my streak plan and take it as seriously as you are taking the streak. Make your next streak in weeks instead of days. So you get to count 1 week where you worked out 4 times with a minimum time for each work out. Then you'll still have a streak to wrap your head around it and you'll be listening to your body :) hmmm who taught me to listen to my body...was it you via the Gabriel Method maybe ;)

Karilynn said...

I love Pams idea!! Your body does need a break. Decide how long you are willing to let it go (a week would be well earned at this point.) And really the idea of having an exercise goal for the WEEK makes perfect sense! Pam Rocks and SO DO YOU!! If there's one thing I've learned it's that when you are pushing your body for the sake of saying you did it, you might be doing more harm than good. And when you are well and can give 100% each time you do something... (even if it's not every single day) you are doing more for your body than only giving 50% every day. 3-4 days a week of 100% is a fantastic idea!!