Friday, January 15, 2010

Thurs. Jan. 14/10...X Stretch

I did 30 minutes of X Stretch. I find that because I'm not doing the program until next week, I don't feel obligated to do the whole I pick the ones that work for my current program...the arms, the legs, the glutes...I steer clear of the back stuff, for now. Getting some in feels good.


Cindy said...

You need to journal what you are EATING...I need to know how much I have to starve myself!! LOL

I just woke up pretty much. I stayed up until midnight last night (that is late for me).

Keep up the good work.

Also, how do I find other bloggers. I have no clue. Between studying Chinese, spanish, thinking about exercize and chillin...who has time?

Have a nice day. I'll be checkin in. Hey, this morning I weighed 237.5, so that is really my morning weight.

Karilynn said...

Hey.. I'm wondering about using one of the other cardio type things instead of yoga like core synergistics or cardio x? Right now I'm doing the hardcore program... so I haven't even looked at either one of these but I hear cardio is similar/easier to plyo. I'm not really interested in doing the same workout twice but seriously.. something got to give with YOGA!