Friday, January 1, 2010

Biggest Loser Competition Final Weigh In

SW: 259
LW: 236
FW: 229
Loss: -30
This is my final weigh in for the Biggest Loser Competition. It's frustrating because I am up 3.5 pounds from yesterday. That's due to the fact that I did a 5K last night finishing at 11pm, then had my recovery drink and something to eat....I was hungry. The 3.5 pounds will be gone later today, early tomorrow. It is what it is, and I don't care either. Ha! It's not actual weight. But for this competition, I'm not worried about it either. I worked my tushy off, and I feel better than I ever have. I'll take it.


WeightWatcher Mama said...

30 pounds is a GREAT accomplishment, espically this time of year! be PROUD! congrats on the race last night! what a way to ring in the new year!!!

Ellura said...

Wow, 30+ pounds is soooo awesome! Congrats. You have been amazing and very inspiring.

Karilynn said...

30 pounds and going strong. You are so dedicated to this. I'm THRILLED to have you in any competition with me. You inspire... and wait to see you bring it this time around.. I know you are going for the gold. WOULD LOVE to send you some moula! ;o)